Inbjudan webbinarium: expedition till norra Grönland 2024

Morgon över norra Grönland och Kap Morris Jesup

8 februari 2022, 15.30‒17.00 CET

Vad? Polarforskningssekretariatet bjuder in till ett webbinarium om GEOEO 2024

När? 8 februari 2022, 15.30‒17.00 CET

Var? Online, en möteslänk kommer att skickas ut innan mötet

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GEOEO: North Greenland Earth-Ocean-Ecosystem Observatory

Välkommen till ett webbinarium om 2024 års I/B Oden-expedition till norra Grönland


Welcome, Swedish Polar Research Secretariat

Swedish research and development in the polar regions, Katarina Gårdfeldt director general

Logistic and operational support onboard I/B Oden, Åsa Lindgren SPRS

16.00 -16.20
Scientific theme GEOEO 2024
Martin Jakobsson, Stockholm University
Nina Kirchner, Stockholm University


GoNorth, Norwegian expedition 2024 Gunnar Sand, SINTEF

Expedition experience Petermann 2015, Ryder 2019
Larry Mayer, Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping University of New Hampshire                          

Timeline and way forwards (call, funding, berths etc.) SPRS


The Swedish Polar Research Secretariat (SPRS) is planning an expedition with the icebreaker Oden to northern Greenland from August to September 2024. The expedition GEOEO: North Greenland Earth-Ocean-Ecosystem Observatory will focus on understanding the marine cryosphere’s dynamic history and response to future climate change, including implications for marine and terrestrial ecosystems in North Greenland and the adjacent Arctic Ocean.

This webinar is an initial information meeting addressing researchers affiliated with a Swedish university. A call for projects within the theme is planned for the end of 2022.

The scientific theme GEOEO is decided within the SPRS call for theme proposals and is based on collaboration between scientists from Sweden, US, Denmark and Norway. The theme builds on previous expeditions with the I/B Oden and aims to collaborate with other ship-based expeditions planned to be conducted in the same time period.  The scientific theme is cross-disciplinary, for example spanning across the fields of archaeology, biogeochemistry, climatology and palaeoclimatology, ecology and palaeoecology, geochemistry, genomics, glaciology, marine and terrestrial geology and geophysics, marine and terrestrial biology, oceanography and palaeoceanography.

Publiceringsdatum: 20 Dec 2021