Dronning Maud Land, DML, 2021/22

Researchers on top of Vardeklettane in Antarctica during MAGIC-DML 2016/17. Photo: Ola Eriksson

The expedition DML 2021/22 consists of three parts: two research projects and logistics work at the research stations Wasa and Svea. During the expedition, construction of a garage, repair of electricity and gas pipelines and installation of greywater drains will be carried out. In addition, improvements will be implemented at Wasa based on the studies that the construction researcher Dag Haugum conducted last year.

Research projects

MAGIC-DML (Rock sampling)

The research project MAGIC-DML is led by Arjen Stroeven, Professor in Natural geography at Stockholm University. The project is a continuation of the expeditions 2016/17 and 2018/19. Arjen Stroeven studies variation in thickness of the ice sheet. This season, the research team intends to visit nunatacker west of Wasa, and connect the two previous studies.

Ice-snow monitoring

The research project is led by Ian Brown, Associate Professor in Earth Observation (EO) at Stockholm University. The researchers intend to use "ground truthing" for satellite-borne snow lines, in order to be able to study processes in snow via satellite images. The work takes place around Wasa and between Wasa and Svea.

Fast facts

15 November 2021 to 5 februari 2022 (preliminary)

Dronning Maud Land, Antarktis

Typ av expedition: Landbaserad

Expedition leader: Ola Eriksson

Research projects: 2

Research leaders: Arjen Stroeven och Ian Brown

Universitet: Stockholms universitet

Research projects

  • Ice-snow monitoring is led by Ian Brown at Stockholm University.
  • MAGIC DML (Rock sampling) is led by Arjen Stroeven at Stockholm University.

Logistics cooperation

The Swedish Polar Research Secretariat collaborates with the Alfred Wegener Institute and FINNARP on logistics.