Support for polar research

The Swedish Polar Research Secretariat co-ordinate and promote Swedish polar research.

Abisko Scientific Research Station

A research station in a subarctic environment with varied nature attracting scientists from all over the world. 

Research stations in Antarctica

The research stations Wasa and Svea in Antarctica are suitable for research in many disciplines. 

Icebreaker Oden

Oden is one of the world’s most powerful icebreakers and a premier platform for research in polar oceans.

Follow our research expedition ARTofMELT 2023!

Here we collect everything related to the research expedition ARTofMELT 2023, carried out with the icebreaker Oden in the Arctic Ocean. Read the blog and see photos from the expedition.

Polar Researchers in Sweden

Search our network of Swedish polar researchers. You can register via the page if you are a polar researcher and have not yet joined.