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More yearbooks

Yearbook 2004,ISBN 91-973879-4-0
Yearbook 2003, ISBN 91-973879-3-2
Yearbook 2002, ISBN 91-973879-2-4
Yearbook 2001, ISBN 91-973879-1-6
Yearbook 2000, ISBN 91-973879-0-8
Yearbook 1999, ISBN 91-972261-9-X (Out of stock)
Yearbook 1998,ISBN 91-972261-7-3
Yearbook 1997, ISBN 91-972261-5-7 (Out of stock)
Yearbook 1996, ISBN 91-972261-3-0 (Out of stock)

About the yearbooks

The Swedish Polar Research Secretariat’s yearbook was published 1996–2012. The yearbook contains information about the Secretariat’s activities, annual accounts and cruise reports from the research expeditions.

Information about our research expeditions are now published on this website and in the Polar Research Portal.