Application for doing research in Abisko

If you want to conduct research, arrange a course, or hold a conference at Abisko Scientific Research Station, you must fill out the application form on the INTERACT GIS website.

Your application may apply to

  • an already registered research project
  • a new research project you are in charge of
  • a visit to the research station for other reasons.

Apply on 15 January at the latest, if you want to visit the station during the current season. All applications are processed through InteractGIS.

Please note that the station is only available for research and research related activities. For example, if you want to do a study visit, you do not need to fill out the application form – send a request directly to us at

How to apply

When applying for a new research project, a new course, or a conference in InteractGIS, you must do the following:

  • Create a user account.
  • Register your project.
  • Make an application for the registered project.

Once the application is approved, the project becomes searchable in the project database.

Please note that an incomplete application form may lead to delays in the processing, or rejection, of the application.

What to include in the application

Remember to describe any laboratory or other workplace needs in your application. If you need access to a lot of space, please contact us before applying.

An early dialogue with us is also needed if you will leave big traces in the environment, for example by collecting larger amounts of plants or animals, or if you will leave pits or affect the nature. A permission from the County Administrative Board may be required. Projects that are carried out in Abisko National Park always require permission from the County Administrative Board.

If the project is to be carried out in areas where reindeer husbandry is being carried out, you will need to contact the local Sami community in good time. Please contact us for assistance with contacts.

Assessment of applications

In early April, the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat will assess the applications and make a plan for the season. We prioritise research projects, especially ongoing projects, and then applications for courses and conferences.

By the beginning of May, you will receive a confirmation or rejection of your application.

Applications received later than 15 January are only considered when the regular process is completed.

Prices and terms and conditions

Please note that you must accept our terms and conditions in order to submit an application.

Search the project database

When planning a project, it may be helpful to know what research that has been done in the past, as well as where and by who. INTERACT GIS is also a project database of all projects at Abisko Scientific Research Station. If you click on the Research tab in INTERACT GIS, you can search for projects carried out at the station since the late 1960’s until today.