Expedition Petermann 2015. Field camp at Ellesmere Island. Photo: Åsa Lindgren

Timetable for expeditions

Tentative timetable for IB Oden 2021 – 2024

Year Expedition Geographical area Partners Acronym
2021 Synoptic Arctic Survey Arctic Ocean SPRS, ARICE SAS 2021
2022 Arctic Ocean Paleoceanography Lomonosov Ridge SPRS, ECORD ArcOP 2022
2023 Atmospheric rivers and the onset of sea-ice melt Arctic Ocean SPRS, open to partners ARTofMELT, Polar Research Process
2023 Planning stopped: Eurasian-Arctic shelf-basin interactions of climate-cryosphere-carbon-contaminants Eurasian Arctic Arktis och transpolära driften SPRS, open to partners EURASIAN ARCTIC C4, Polar Research Process
2024 North Greenland Earth-Ocean-Ecosystem Observatory Northern Greenland SPRS, open to partners GEOEO, Polar Research Process

Tentative timetable for Antarctica, research stations Wasa and Svea

Season Type of expedition Deltagare
2021/22 Large expedition 6 researchers, 7 logistics
2022/23 Small expedition 1-2 researchers, 1-2 logistics
2023/24 Medium expedition 3-4 researchers, 3-4 logistics
2024/25 Large expedition 6-8 researchers, 6-7 logistics
2025/26 Small expedition 1-2 researchers, 1-2 logistics

Research projects in Antarctica apply for support either in our annual call for project level support or in future thematic calls. For the regular expeditions to Dronning Maud Land, the above tentative plan applies. For more detailed information, contact Magnus Augner (magnus.augner@polar.se) or Håkan Grudd (hakan.grudd@polar.se).