Expedition Petermann 2015. Field camp at Ellesmere Island. Photo: Åsa Lindgren

Timetable for expeditions

Tentative timetable for IB Oden 2022 – 2024

Year Expedition Geographical area Partners Acronym
2024 North Greenland Earth-Ocean-Ecosystem Observatory Northern Greenland SPRS, open to partners GEOEO, Polar Research Process

Tentative timetable for Antarctica, research stations Wasa and Svea

Season Type of expedition Participants
2023/24 Medium size expedition 3 researchers, 7 logistics
2024/25 Planning is underway

Expeditions to Antarctica up to and including the 2027/2028 season will be linked to the thematic call for Antarctica (in the Polar Research Process) that was carried out in 2023. For more information, contact Magnus Augner (magnus.augner@polar.se) or Håkan Grudd (hakan.grudd@polar.se).