Isbrytaren Oden i Norra ishavet
IB Oden in the Arctic Ocean. Photo: Martin Jakobsson

ARTofMELT 2023

ArtofMELT (Atmospheric rivers and the onset of sea ice melt) aims to study the effects of episodic transport of hot and humid air from mid-latitudes to the Arctic.

Geographical area and strategy

The expedition will not have a predetermined route but instead targets the North-Atlantic sector of the ice-covered Arctic Ocean, relatively far north of the ice edge. The purpose is to get to the areas where hot air from the south penetrates into the Arctic and affects the melting period. With the help of specialized weather forecasts, I/B Oden will navigate in advance to positions where atmospheric rivers are expected to occur and detailed observations can be made when the hot air arrives.

Research areas

The icebreaker Oden will conduct the expedition in the Arctic Ocean with the aim of understanding the interaction between the latitudes and the Arctic and what happens when the annual surface melt of sea ice begins, which is a central issue for many Arctic scientific disciplines. Within the current theme, the following areas will be of interest to study.

  • Atmospheric sciences: meteorology, aerosols, aerosol-cloud interaction, cloud physics, atmospheric chemistry and transport of airborne pollutants
  • Physics and chemistry of snow, as melt starts
  • Sea-ice physics; ice response to a changing surface energy budget
  • Upper-ocean mixing and heat transfer, from the ice and downward
  • Marine chemistry, biology and biogeochemistry
  • Coupled vertical fluxes of energy, momentum, gases and matter between all of the above
  • Any other science of opportunity that can benefit from the operation strategy or can operate under the principle of operations outlined above without interfering with the core observations.

Fast facts

May - June 2023

Area: Arctic Ocean

Ship: Icebreaker Oden

Chief Scientist: Michael Tjernström

Co-Chief Scientist: Paul Zieger

Number of researchers: approx. 40

Universities: TBD

Work packages: TBD

Expedition coordinator: Åsa Lindgren

Are you a researcher?

The expedition planning is ongoing. Find more information here. 

Target area for Oden