The expedition ends with the arrival of spring

Although many successful measurements have been made during the ARTofMELT 2023 expedition, the ultimate goal was reached when the researchers captured an atmospheric river in the Arctic Ocean on June 10. The powerful influx of warm and moist air from the south gave the researchers the opportunity to study the rapid changes that occur in the transition between winter and summer in the Arctic. After a day of temperatures above zero, azure melt ponds formed on the ice floes. Read more at the Stockholm University website.

Now the six-week research expedition is over. Tomorrow, June 15, H.R.H. the Crown Princess and the Minister for Climate and the Environment, Romina Pourmokhtari, will visit Svalbard in connection with the return of the icebreaker Oden to Longyearbyen.

We wish all participants in ARTofMELT 2023 a warm welcome home!

Publishing date: 14 Jun 2023