Research blog: Johan Casselgren day 15-19

Day 15-16

After sunshine comes the storm, but work needs to be done despite the weather, such as fetching food, starting the generator and changing different barrels for waste. It can be difficult to understand how strong the winds are, and it is challenging to stand straight. Performing various tasks requires extra thought, such as what happens when the wind grabs a barrel. Unfortunately, the weather makes it impossible to conduct the planned measurements. Both visibility and wind make it difficult to navigate, and the cooling factor increases the risk of cooling damage. The machines also risk damage when snow penetrates everywhere.

Day 17-19

According to the weather forecast, we must stay inside until Christmas Eve. We will return with blog posts after Christmas. Therefore, we at the polar station Wasa wish you a Merry Christmas!

Windy in Antarctica.
Windy in Antarctica. Photo: Johan Casselgren
Four people work under the station Wasa.
Station work needs to be carried out despite the strong winds, but research will have to wait. Photo: Johan Casselgren