The conference Polarforum

Skissernas Museum. Photo: Johan Persson.

Polarforum is a meeting place for all those engaged in research concerning, or in, the polar regions, the Swedish mountain region, and other Northern regions. The aim is to create contacts between researchers, the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat and other actors. The conference in 2022 will be held in English.

Polarforum 2022

The next Polarforum will be held in Skissernas Museum (Birgit Rausing's hall) in Lund in collaboration with Lund University, on 17 November 2022.

This year's program will include information from the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat, polar research at Lund University, information from funding bodies, current expeditions and other news that are linked to Swedish polar research.

On November 16 from 18:00-20:00, we have an Icebreaker event in Gamla Biskopshuset, Lund.


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Preliminary Programme


Welcome and introduction

Katarina Gårdfeldt, Director General, Swedish Polar Research Secretariat

Erik Renström, Vice-chancellor, Lund University


Funding opportunities for Polar Researchers in 2023


Coffee break


Polar research highlights from Lund

Arctic vegetation is changing – why should we care?
Lena Ström, Lund University

The solar signal stored in ice sheets
Raimund Muscheler, Lund University

Aerosol particle formation in the Arctic and Antarctic
Pontus Roldin, Lund University

Models help us predict future changes in the Arctic
Paul Miller, Lund University




Polar research highlights from other universities

Anna Wåhlin, University of Gothenburg

Love Dalén, Stockholm University/The Swedish Museum of Natural History

Hanna Farnelid, Linnaeus University




Information from the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat

What's new?

Abisko Scientific Research Station, research from ICOS/Stordalen
Niklas Rakos

Abisko Scientific Research Station, monitoring and open data
Håkan Grudd


Future Generation of Polar Researchers in Sweden

The Arctic and Antarctic Centre
Dag Avango, Luleå University of Technology

CLIMBECCO PhD School at Lund University

Elevator speech by PhD students working with polar research


Coffee break and speed date with other polar researchers


Concluding remarks and ways forward

Katarina Gårdfeldt

If you have questions about Polarforum, contact:

Ted Karlsson
Research Communications Officer
Phone: +46 73 058 52 84

Possibility for PhD students

For PhD students who present their research in an elevator speech, there is a possibility of receiving compensation for travel expenses. More information in the registration form.