Dronning Maud Land, DML 2023/24

Photo: Ola Eriksson

The expedition includes maintenance work at the Wasa and Svea stations, as well as support for the research project MAGIC-DML, which will primarily operate in the Vestfjella and Heimefrontfjella regions, the large nunatak areas located near Wasa and Svea.

Fast facts

December 2023 to February 2024

Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica

Type of expedition: Landbased

Expeditin leader: Håkan Grudd

Research projects: 1

Research leader: Arjen Stroeven

Our role/funding

The Swedish Polar Research Secretariat organises DML 2023/24 with the agency's own funding.

Time for a new Swedish Antarctic expedition

Time for a new Swedish Antarctic expedition

During this year's Antarctic expedition DML 2023/24, the researchers seek to answer how Antarctica will develop in a future with a warmer climate. Part of the answer lies in the bedrock and erratics deposited by the ice sheet.

Participants DML 2023/24

12 people participate in the expedition, three of whom are researchers.