Food blog from Antarctica

Text by: Linda Klasson, Chef at DML 2023/24

My name is Linda, and I work as a chef at Wasa. All the food we have here is transported here by ship or plane, so it's important to think carefully, not waste anything, and make the most of everything while pampering the team as much as possible.

The meal planning is done several months in advance, and we are 4,000 kilometres from the store. We get water from a hole down the glacier with the help of a tracked vehicle. The tank holds about 1000 litres, but it quickly runs out due to cooking and hygiene, so it's important not to waste.

When I arrived, the first thing I did was start with field rations. Four hundred food portions had to be cooked, packed, and frozen. Having a reasonably large cooling cabinet (the balcony) is nice.

Then, I started making sourdough and sprouting to have something fresh to chew on. I also made kimchi, and now I've begun collecting apple scraps to make some fizzy kvass.

As the days pass, yoghurt is fermented, milk and eggs are prepared from powder, and the sourdoughs are folded. On Fridays, we eat hamburgers. Sometimes, we have some extra treats for the in-field meals. The sausage is currently cooked sous vide, and I will make a Mexican mole for dinner.


Bread, tomato, feta cheese, red onion and olives laid out on several smaller plates.
Photo: Linda Klasson
A grill where meat is cooked. In the background you can see the Antarctic expanses.
Winter barbecue in Antarctica. Photo: Linda Klasson
Fried food in an oven dish.
Photo: Linda Klasson
A dish on a plate.
Photo: Linda Klasson
Cookies on a baking sheet.
Cake for coffee. Photo: Linda Klasson

Publishing date: 01 Feb 2024