Do you always have sun?

Snowmobile transporting an arc.
Towards Heimefrontfjella, where the sun always shines?! Photo: Karna Johansson.

Text by: Karna Johansson, expedition doctor

All week in Mannefallknausane, we have looked towards the constantly sunlit mountain range on the horizon in the west, Heimefrontfjella. It always seemed to have beautiful weather, and on Monday, we packed up camp and headed for the sun. The first campsite was at the foot of Tottanfjella, which offered terrific weather, albeit a bit windy. I was very fascinated by the metamorphic rock, which in parts is made up of a completely different kind of rock than the red granite in Mannefallknausane. The mottled stone is full of playful pirouette-like patterns, as if time is holding its breath amid an wavy motion. Even our researchers have been fascinated, perhaps not so much by beautiful patterns as we have obtained two fine series with samples at several different levels.

A group of researchers on Mount Tottanfjella in Antarctica
The group at the top in Tottanfjella, Cottontoppen in the background! From left Martim, Andreas, Håkan, Arjen and Jane. Photo: Karna Johansson.

Yesterday, we finished with Tottanfjella and moved a mile west towards Cottontoppen and Ardusberget. Fascinated, I photographed the powerful wind turbines and thought it must be pretty windy here, which was today's understatement. Håkan, Andreas and I left our researchers in a mountain pass for sampling and took a trip to inspect future travel routes. When we got back an hour later, we found them clinging to the rock to keep from being blown away! We chose a new location for sampling, with less wind, but alas, we had to struggle to get the troublesome stone loose. New things tomorrow, we thought and crawled into the bed.

Today, we woke up with ice crystals on the windows, the wind howling around the sheets, and planned sampling sites comfortably wrapped in thick clouds. So we quickly and unanimously decided that this day fits perfectly to rest and gather strength for future trips, sort out impressions and write in the blog.

If there's anything that's great, apart from being outside in nice weather, it's being inside when it's bad weather. All that is needed are wool socks, a cup of tea and a good book, and the storm can rage outside as it pleases.

Heimefrontfjella, where the sun always shines, over and out.

Backpack on a cliff
Perfect coffee place by the dancing rock in Tottanfjella. Backpack for reference. Photo: Karna Johansson.
Snow drifts behind the mountain Tottanfjella in Antarctica
The backyard, at camp Tottanfjella. It has been windy here, I estimate the drifts to be around thirty meters high! Photo: Karna Johansson.

Publishing date: 19 Jan 2024