Open data and publications

Data from Abisko Scientific Research Station

Here you can access open data collected at the Abisko Scientific Research Station.

Data from the icebreaker Oden

Here you will find data collected during expeditions with the icebreaker Oden.

Swedish polar bibliography

The Swedish Polar Bibliography comprises scientific literature with connection to Swedish research in the Arctic and Antarctica, primarily within the scope of the SWEDARCTIC and SWEDARP research programmes. The bibliography is published in the open academic archive DiVA.

To the Swedish Polar Bibliography in DiVA

Publications originating from expeditions supported by the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat can also be accessed through the Polar Research Portal.

Abisko bibliography

The bibliography of the Abisko Scientific Research Station is part of the Swedish Polar Bibliography. It is possible to search specifically for publications with connection to Abisko Scientific Research Station via a separate webpage.

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New publications and updates

The Swedish Polar Bibliography is continuously updated with new additions and corrections. Please check whether your polar publications are included!

According to the agreement regarding support from the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat, all publications originating from the SWEDARCTIC and SWEDARP research programmes are to be listed in the bibliography.

We welcome your feedback on the bibliography, as well as suggestions for additional Swedish polar publications to include.

Submissions to the Swedish Polar Bibliography

To include reference information to one of your publications in the bibliography, e-mail the doi or a link to the publication to Alternatively, if your publication is not available online, submit the complete reference information. Please remember to indicate whether your publication is connected to the Abisko Scientific Research Station or to one or more expeditions.

If possible, also submit a copy of your publication to deposit in DiVA. You can check the open access policies of journals and publishers in SHERPA/RoMEO to ascertain which version of an article you are allowed to self-archive.