Support to minor extent (SiMO)

Through support to minor extent (SiMO), the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat offers limited logistical/operational support for polar research. The support primarily includes safety training and loan of equipment. Support to a very limited extent can be provided for costs relating to logistical or operational aspects of fieldwork. (Other costs such as salaries, passenger transport in regular traffic, shipping of samples and equipment, customs duties, etc. will not be granted within the framework of SiMO.)

The financial support of SiMO is primarily aimed at younger researchers (persons with a maximum of five years since the last academic degree) and doctoral students in all disciplines at Swedish universities, research institutes and authorities with research assignments. Regarding support that only concerns safety training, loan of equipment, or profile clothing, SiMO is open to applications for all researchers. SiMO is not granted for work at Abisko Scientific Research Station.

It is possible to apply for SiMO at any time during the year but no later than three months before fieldwork begins. Safety training normally takes place once a year, during May and June.

Research projects that would benefit from the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat's international network or other collaborations without any direct costs do not need to make an application. Contact us directly for an initial dialogue.

How are the projects evaluated?

The applications are evaluated based on the projects’ feasibility, the necessity to be performed in the polar regions and to what extent this support is necessary for their realization. Special attention is given to projects containing:

  • new fields of research.
  • innovative ideas.
  • technical advancements.
  • pilot studies.
  • transdisciplinary research.
  • international co-operation.

The project's scientific quality must be demonstrated by attaching the funding agreement for the full research project or a similar supporting document. Because this grant offering does not pertain to the financing of entire research projects, the financing plan for the project and the funding from the researcher’s own institution must be specified in the application form. The Swedish Polar Research Secretariat endeavours to support researchers early in their careers and to promote gender equality.

The Secretariat may alter or withdraw the offered support should the circumstances surrounding the project change significantly.

Profile clothing

A simplified application procedure is used if you only want to apply for the secretariat's profile clothing. To be granted profile clothing, you need to demonstrate that

  • the research project is linked to a Swedish university
  • fieldwork must be carried out within the project.

How to apply

Before you submit an application, please contact Håkan Grudd or Åsa Lindgren:

Håkan Grudd, land-based research projects

Åsa Lindgren, ship-based research projects

Application form

We recommend that you write your application in English so that it can be shared with our international co-operative partners.

The level of support and the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat’s role will be determined in dialogue with the applicant.

Profile clothing

If you only want to apply for the secretariat's profile clothing, use the form below.

Contact person: Melina Granberg, Communications Officer,

Questions and answers concerning SiMO

What does minor extent mean?

The aim of this call for proposals is to make it easier for young researchers to get help from the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat by creating a fast track for projects that do not require years of preparation and a large budget. Examples include help with safety and field equipment, help to join an already planned expedition, help finding data from the polar regions or various ways of utilising the international partnerships that the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat is involved in.

Who can apply?

SiMO is primarily aimed at younger researchers, doctoral students and master's students (persons with a maximum of five years since the last academic degree). When it comes to support that only concerns safety training, loan of equipment or profile clothing, SiMO is open to all researchers.

For master's students and doctoral students, the head of your department, or equivalent, and, where applicable, the supervisor must approve the application.

Can I seek funding?

No. The Swedish Polar Research Secretariat primarily supports projects that cannot be arranged through grants from regular funding agencies. In other words, we do not provide support for things that can relatively easily be obtained “over the counter”, or which can otherwise be arranged by the researchers themselves.

Can I apply for compensation of travel costs in connection to field work or conferences?

No. If your application only relates to financial support for regular travel for yourself or someone else on your project, we will not grant you funding. Regular travel refers to journeys that can be purchased “over the counter”. The Swedish Polar Research Secretariat’s field initiatives normally relate to projects that an individual researcher would find it difficult to arrange on their own, such as specially chartered flights or ships, or access to logistic resources within the polar activities of other countries.

Can I apply for salary funding for myself or a research assistant for work in the polar regions?

No, funding for staff and similar financial aid is not included in this call for proposals.

Can I apply for support for research in the north of Sweden or in Iceland?

Yes, as long as there is a clear and well-founded connection to the polar regions and that the support of the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat provides a special additional value to the project. In general, it can be said that the further from the central polar regions, the more clearly you need to motivate why the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat should get involved. Please note that a separate application procedure applies to research at the Abisko Scientific Research Station.

Which profile clothes can I apply for?

The range may vary over time. We currently offer a wool sweater and a wool hat. The clothes are profiled with Swedish Polar Research to show the Swedish affiliation. It is not possible to apply for support for other garments needed to carry out fieldwork.