North Pole Fiber – laying the foundations for Polar Connect

The North Pole Fiber project (22-EU-DIG-NPF) is doing preparatory work for Polar Connect – a global project for establishing subsea fiber cables between Europe, Asia and North America.

The red lines show the intended route for fiber cables in the global Polar Connect project
The red lines show the intended route for fiber cables in the global Polar Connect project

Polar Connect aims to ensure digital communication between Europe and East Asia. To achieve this, a subsea cable will be established through the Arctic Ocean from Northern Europe to Japan and South Korea

North Pole Fiber is important in establishing resilient fiber routes in Northern Sweden, from Kiruna to the Norwegian border, to be extended to the Arctic Ocean coast where Polar Connect will land. Learn more about the project from the project website, such as facts about the project, news and activities.

Moreover, North Pole Fiber is investigating possibilities for equipping the cable with sensors in order to make the cable an instrument for Arctic research and environmental monitoring. This could enable continuous measurement of environmental parameters in one of the least investigated areas of Earth - the deep ocean under the Arctic ice sheet.

The  Polar Connect will in a later stage connect Europe, Asia and North America, providing us state-of-the-art data connectivity along the shortest route, avoiding the challenges presented by conflicts along traditional routes, such as the Suez Canal, Red Sea and the Strait of Malacca. 


The North Pole Fiber project runs for 36 months, from January 1st  2024 until December 31st 2026.

Project Partners

The Swedish Research Council/Sunet, the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat, and NORDUnet collaborate on the North Pole Fiber project, which the European Union co-finances.


North Pole Fiber - official project website

Polar Connect - the global project within which North Pole Fiber is part of. Learn more at and

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Project acronym: 22-EU-DIG-NPF