"What leaves the biggest impression is the fantastic landscape"

The mountain that we have in front of us. Photo: Jennie Wikström

Antarctica January 15, 2023

The days go by fast, and now there are only nine days left, according to plan. I'm mainly inside the station or out in the food container. Wasa is well-equipped, and I quickly made myself at home. In between, I cook and take inventory. However, time goes by fast, so I don't have much time in a day.

The fantastic landscape, an infinity of ice and snow, leaves the most impression on me, who is here for the first time. The light is magical; the sun is high in the sky around the clock. I had trouble sleeping the first few nights, and we had to pull down the blinds already during the evening to let the body understand that it was evening. Now I've gotten used to the light and appreciate it very much. Also, the silence is striking. We have had good weather and could make a trip to Svea. It's hard to put into words, and I probably haven't had time to digest all those impressions. I did my first tent night in Antarctica there, lying and listening to the snow petrels nesting on the rocks around and the snapping of the ice. Right then, I felt that I never want to leave here.

After 12 hours in the tracked vehicle, we returned to Wasa and everyday life. As I said, there are nine days to go and a lot to be finished and caught up with. I've saved wet toilet rolls, frozen and spilt detergent, moisture-damaged dishwasher tablets and salt that has turned into a hard lump that needs to be chopped and pounded before it can be used. Time flies, and soon only memories remain. I'm trying to get everything in picture, but it's the feeling I'm keeping.


Jennie Wikström

There is a saucepan on the large gas stove, and kitchen accessories hang on the adjacent walls.
Large gas stove with six plates and a giant oven. It took a while to learn how it works. Photo: Jennie Wikström
Through a window you can see miles of glaciers and blue sky.
The view from the station. Photo: Jennie Wikström
Four people gathered around a kitchen table.
Coffee break in the kitchen. Photo: Jennie Wikström
Dry goods in bags stacked on top of each other.
The food container that I do my best to inventory and clean/structure. Photo: Jennie Wikström

Publishing date: 17 Jan 2023