Invitation to workshop – expedition ARTofMELT 2023

I/B Oden on expedition to North of Greenland. Photo: Ida Kinner

Researchers interested in the ARTofMELT 2023 expedition with the icebreaker Oden have the opportunity to participate in a digital workshop 9–10 November 2021. The expedition is centred on atmospheric rivers (AR’s), intrusions of warm air into the Arctic, and their role for the onset of summer sea-ice melt.

The icebreaker Oden will conduct an expedition in the North Atlantic part of the ice-covered Arctic Ocean during the period early/mid-May to mid/late June 2023. The planning is based on using specialized weather forecasts to predict the position for an upcoming AR with a couple of days notice, whereupon IB Oden can go there.

Planning workshop ARTofMELT 2023

When: 9‒10 November 2021, 15.30‒18.30 CET

Where: Online

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The workshop is aimed at:

  • Researchers who are interested in participating on board I / B Oden, or researchers connected to projects on board
  • Research and logistics financiers
  • Other stakeholders

All participating projects must be able to adapt to the expedition's basic plan.

The purpose of the workshop is to:

Identify potential contributions and collaborative efforts within the ARTofMELT concept (for a more detailed description, see pdf below). Additionally we want to clarify logistical limitations and already now identify, if possible, logistical challenges and also discuss funding options.

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Invitation – Planning workshop for expedition with I/B Oden 2023 (pdf)


Anna-Maria Perttu
Senior Research Officer
+46 70 550 99 85

Publishing date: 30 Sep 2021