Technical description icebreaker Oden

The research infrastructure is adapted before each expedition. If you have questions about the possibilities and limitations regarding Oden's research infrastructure, contact Åsa Lindgren, 

Length 108 m
Beam 31 m
Top speed in open water 16 knots
Cruising speed 11 knots
Bunker capacity ~ 4000 m3
Installed power 4 × Sulzer 8ZAL4OS (4 × 4 500 kW)
Icebreaking capacity 1,9 m thick ice with 3 knots (DNV POLAR-20)
Displacement 11 000–13 000 tones
Crew ~ 22
Passengers/scientists Up to 45
Work boat Yes, for short trips and sample collecting
Helicopter Helipad with space for 1or 2 small helicopters


Main lab (permanent) 90 m2
Lab containers About 16 (20” containers) a 10 m2
Wet lab/CTD lab 20 m2
Seawater intake Plastic and stainless steel
Permanent gas installation Yes, flexible depening on your needs
Clean water system Yes, 2 × Direct Q 3 UV
Compressed air outlets Yes, air dehumidifier or pressure reducer available
Electrical power AC 220V/380V, 50 Hz. Main lab also 110V, 60Hz.
Radioisotopes The use of 14-C is not allowed onboard Oden. For other radioisotopes, dedicated risk-assessments are made on a case-to-case basis.

Scientific equipment

Scientific equipment
Multibeam echosounder Kongsberg EM122, 1°x1°, 12 kHz
Sub bottom profiler Kongsberg SBP120, 3°x3°, 2-7 kHz
Split beam echosounder Kongsberg EK80, 18, 38 and 70 kHz
Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler Teledyne Ocean Surveyor, 75 kHz (max bottom tracking range 950 m)
Sound velocity Valeport Mini-SvS, 2.5 MHz
Navigation and attitude Seapath 320 GPS/GLONASS L1/L2, MRU5
Synchronization Kongsberg K-Sync synchronization of all acoustic units
CTD1 SBE 9plus 6800 m
24x12 l Carousel water sampler
SBE 11 Deck unit
CTD2 SBE 9plus 6800 m
24x12 l Carousel water sampler
SBE 11 Deck unit
CTD Sensors 4 x Redundant Temperature and Conductivity sensors SBE 3/SBE 4
2 x PSA 916 Altimeter
2 x SBE 43 Dissolved Oxygen Sensor (7000 m)
1 x Wetlab NTURTD Turbidity Unit (6000 m)
Turner Cyclops-6k CDOM
Biospherical Inst. QCP2300HP PAR
Ferrybox 4H-Jena Ferrybox
Ferrybox Sensors SBE 45 MicroTSG Thermosalinograph
SBE 38 Digital Oceanographic Thermometer
Wetlab ECO FLNTURT turbidity and fluorescence unit
Aanderaa 4835 Oxygen Optode
Turner Cyclops C7 CDOM
SUNA V2 Nitrate Sensor
Metrological sensors Redundant Vaisala HMP155, temperature and humidity
Ceiling projector, Eliasson CBME 80
Dartcom X-band Earth Observation Satellite Receiver
Present Weather Detectors PWD22
2x Vaisala PTB 330 Air pressure
Seawater Temperature sensor SBE 38
Salinometer SBE45

Cranes and frames

Cranes and Frames
A-Frame (foredeck) SWL ca. 1,5 ton, height ca. 5 m
A-Frame (afterdeck) SWL 15 tons, height 11m
Crane afterdeck SWL 1,7 ton on 32 m
SWL 3,4 ton on 18 m
SWL 6,8 ton on 12 m
SWL 10 ton on 10 m
Crane 4th deck SB SWL 2,7 ton on 6,5 m
SWL 1,8 ton on 8,4 m
SWL 1,4 ton on 10 m
SWL 1,1 ton on 12 m
SWL 0,9 ton on 14,5 m
SWL 0,7 ton on 16,5 m
Crane 4th deck BB SWL 2,7 ton on 6,5 m
SWL 1,8 ton on 8,4 m
SWL 1,4 ton on 10 m
SWL 1,1 ton on 12 m
SWL 0,9 ton on 14,5 m
SWL 0,7 ton on 16,5 m
Crane foredeck Max radius 10 m (18 m with basket)
SWL 1,5 ton on 10 m
SWL 0,3 ton on 18 m with basket
Mobile Crane 10” SWL 4 ton on 1,8 m
SWL 1,4 ton on 5 m
SWL 0,5 ton on 10 m


CTD-winch (foredeck) 6500 m Koax wire outer diam. 8,4 mm, SWL 1,6 ton
MacArtney CTD-winch 7000 m SWL 1,6 ton
MacArtney/Geo-winch 5500 m Dynema diam. 14 mm, SWL 8,0 ton
North Sea Winch 6000 m Dynema diam. 14 mm, SWL 8,5 ton

IT systems

IT Systems
NTP Server GPS based Stratum 1 with PPS correction
Network Switch based Gbit Ethernet, WIFI all over
Telephone Wired and wireless local, Iridium or V-Sat extern
Storage Server 1 TB Raid 1 public share, dedicated space if needed
Mail server Webmail