Upcoming call: ARTofMELT – expedition to the Arctic Ocean in 2023

Photo: Martin Jakobsson

Details are tentative

Expedition name

Atmospheric rivers and the onset of sea-ice melt – ARTofMELT

The expedition is centred on atmospheric rivers (AR’s), intrusions of warm air into the Arctic, and their role for the onset of summer sea-ice melt.

Expedition period

April – May 2023

Geographical Area

The North-Atlantic sector of the ice-covered Arctic Ocean, relatively far north of the ice edge. Guided by specialized weather forecasts, IB Oden will navigate beforehand into a position where an AR is expected, so it can be studied in detail, by in-situ and remote sensing instruments. Observations taken in-between events will provide the baseline. Most observations from Oden will be performed from on board the ship, but with possibilities for shorter ice-based observations, both while stationary waiting for an AR to arrive and by helicopter during transits as successfully done in earlier expeditions.

Research areas

Understanding the interactions between midlatitude and the Arctic as well as what happens when the sea ice melt starts is at the heart of many Arctic scientific disciplines:

  • Atmospheric sciences: meteorology, atmospheric chemistry, aerosols and aerosol/cloud inter-action and air pollution transport
  • Physics and chemistry of snow, as melt starts
  • Sea-ice physics; ice response to a changing surface energy budget
  • Upper-ocean mixing and heat transfer, from the ice and downward
  • Marine chemistry, biology and biogeochemistry
  • Coupled vertical fluxes of energy, momentum, gases and matter between all of the above.

Upcoming call

A call for project applications for the ARTofMELT expedition (concerns the operational support from the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat) is planned to open at the end of 2021.