Weather data

The meteorological station at Abisko Scientific Research Station has been running since 1913. At present time we carry on recordings of

  • air temperature
  • precipitation
  • soil temperatures
  • air pressure
  • air humidity
  • wind speed
  • wind direction
  • snow layer
  • solar time
  • solar radiation
  • longwave radiation
  • photo active radiation
  • Torneträsk’s ice thickness.

The climate has natural changes and variations. These changes can be short or long, and in addition, nature's reaction time to the change can also be long or short.

To see if there has been a change in the climate and its consequences, many years of measurements of temperature, precipitation and long-term research are required.

The long series of measurements from Abisko Science Station is used by researchers from all over the world who study phenomena and processes in a subarctic and mountain environment.

To get access to weather data from Abisko, please contact