Laboratories and equipment

Instruments and equipment listed below are available for researchers and students.

Laboratory 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 11, 12 and 13 are general laboratories with workbenches. Some of the labs also have water/sink.

Laboratory 1

Bandelin Sonorex Digitec DT255H
Ultrasonic water bath
Branson 3210 Ultrasonic Cleaner
Grant OLS2000 Shaking Water Bath

LycoDry Compact Benchtop freeze dryer
Spectrafuge24D-C2400 Microcentrifuge
Retsch Mixer Mill MM 301 (CIRC)
Thermo ModulyoD FreezeDryer (CIRC)

Retsch MM2 Pulverizer Mixer Mill
IKA Labortechnik HS 260 Basic Shaker with rollerclamps
ALC Micro Centrifugette 4214 w 20 Place Rotor
Hettich Universal L200/05 Bench top centrifuge

Laboratory 2

Laboratory 3 and 4

Leica S6 E Stereo Microscope w/light arms (4 units, one has camera mount), 0.63 to 40 x magnification (CIRC)
Leica WILD Aviopret APT 2 Stereoscope with light bench (10x/21B)
Leica WILD MS 5 Stereo Microscope, 0.63 to 4.0 x magnification
Leitz WILD M3C Stereo Microscope, 6.4 to 40 x magnification
Askania RME 5 Transmitted Light Microscope (CIRC)
Objectives: 0.25, 0.65, 1.25, 2.50 (160/0.17)

Leitz WILD Biomed Type 020-507.010 Microscope
Objectives: EF 10, EF 40, EF 100 (160/0.17)
Leitz Laborlux K Fluorescence Microscope
Objectives: EF 10/0.25, EF 40/0.65, EF 100/1.25 EL
Leica DM IL Inverted Microscope (CIRC)
Leica DM LB Research Grade Microscope, 10 x magnification, with light

Chemistry lab

KEKO fume hoods (120 x 70 cm), both with sink and water, 1 for strong acids
Clean air hoods (Fortuna Scanlaf Clear Air Cabinet)
Milli-Q ultra-pure water system, Elix Integral 3, Elix E-Pod (ultra-pure water), QPod (distilled water)
Sartorius MC-1 Laboratory LC 3201 D, 1000/3200 g capacity, 0.001/0.01 mg accuracy
Mettler Toledo SevenCompact S220 pH/ion Meter

Mettler Toledo SevenCompact S230 Conductivity Meter
Miele G7883 Professional laboratory dishwasher
Chemical storage cabinets (ventilated)
Glassware for most applications
Personal protective equipment

Greenhouse 1 and 2

Heated with artificial lighting, and watering

Plant lab

Desiccators (various sizes)
Memmert UM 400 Drying Ovens (2)

Washroom and weighing room

Isotope lab

Fume Hoods (2)
Upright Refrigerator/freezer
Chemical storage cabinets (ventilated)

Laboratory 10 and 11

CIRC's laboratories

Instruments and equipment listed below may be used by researchers and students after agreement with CIRC.

Laboratory 7a and 7b

Lab 7a

KEBO Fume hood (160 x 70 cm) with sink and water
Memmert UM 400 Drying Oven (2)
Sink with soil trap

Lab 7b

Mettler Toledo AG204 Precision Balance
Sartorius Cubis MSE3.6P 000 DM Micro Balance
Mettler Toledo MP220 pH Meter
Mettler Toledo SevenCompact S230 Conductivity Meter
PerkinElmer LS 55 Fluorescence Spectrometer with Well-Plate Reader Accessory

Laboratory 14

Beckman Coulter Avanti J-20 XP Centrifuge
Rotors: JA-14 (14000 RPM), JA-25.50 (25000 RPM)
Sanyo MIR 253 Incubator (2)
Sanyo MLR 350 Environmental Test Chamber (1)
Sanyo MLR 351 Environmental Test Chamber (2)

Laboratory 15

FIAstar 5000 wet chemical analysis of nutrients (NH4, NO2/NO3, P) with Sampler 5027
Clarus 500 Gas Chromatograph with Turbo Matrix 40
Hamilton Microlab 500 BC
Metrohm Titration Machine with 805 Desimat, 808 Titrando, 712 Conductormeter)

Rainin Electronic Pipettes
Shimadzu TOC-V CPH with ASI-V
Mettler Toledo PB602-S Fact Precision Balance, 610 g capacity, 0.01 g accuracy

Laboratory 16

KEBO Fume hood (160 x 70 cm) with sink and water
Thermolyne 6000 Muffle furnace (CIRC)
Shaker cabinet
Memmert UM 400 Drying Ovens (4)
Retsch Ultra Centrifugal Mill ZM 100
Prutsieb JEL 200 Test Screening Machine
Thermolyne 1400 Furnace

KEBO fume hood (160 x 70 cm) with sink and water
ESCO Nordic Safe Class II safety cabinet
CertoClav Classic Autoclave
Brand Transferpette M12-300, 12-channel pipette
Infors Orbitron Shaker with rollers
Picarro CRDS Analyzer for Isotopic CO2
Upright Refrigerator/Freezer (1), Upright Freezer (1)

Laboratory 17

Milli-Q Ultra Pure water system, RiOs 5 and Mill-Q Gradient A10
Clean air hood (Fortuna Scanlaf Clear Air Cabinet)
Sink with soil trap
Jasco UV Spectrophotometer (V-650 with ASU-605 autoloader and NQF-720 vacuum pump)
Upright Refrigerator (1)/Upright Freezer (1)

Miele G 7883 CD Dishwasher with dryer
KEBO Fume Hood (160 x 70 cm) with sink and water
LabRum AB Acid fume hood (120 x 60 cm) with sink and water
Chemical storage cabinets (ventilated)

Other instruments and equipment

Termak KB 8000F Series Environmental Test Chamber
Mettler Spider 1S Scale, 3 kg capacity, 1 g accuracy
Canon EOS 350D Rebel XT Digital Camera
Heidolph MR 1000 Magnetic Mixer
HOBO U20 Water Level Logger U20-001-01
HOBO U24 Conductivity Logger
HOBO Waterproof Shuttle U-DTW-1
IKA Big Squid Magnetic Mixers
ISCO 6712

ISCO 750 Area Velocity Flow Module
Leica S6 D Stereo Scope
Onset-HOBO Data Logging Rain Gauge RG3 and RG3-M
Spot Gen III PLBs
Tinytag Plus
Tinytag Talk2
X-Terra 705 Metal Detector