Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Wasa!

Text by: Håkan Grudd, expedition leader

Everything is going well here: The researchers have started their work. The first trip went to the neighbouring nunatak Plogen in glorious weather, sampling at five locations. Today, we will do supplementary sampling on our nunatak Basen, and tomorrow, we will make a longer excursion to the area around Plogen. We celebrate Christmas at Wasa, and then it will probably be a week-long trip to Västfjella and Utpostane. Then we go on a long journey to Heimefrontfjella (Svea) and the areas to the west.

Our technicians are doing a fantastic job: Yesterday, they pulled out a tracked vehicle from a container. It has had a broken gearbox for over ten years, which is replaced today.

Linda is a star in the kitchen with delicious cooking, and she is also baking bread! Now, we have about 400 vacuum-packed field portions ready to heat up for the long trips in the arks.

It's a wonderful group to work with, and the mood is at its best!

/Håkan & Ola

Publishing date: 22 Dec 2023