The garage is assembled

The new garage at the Wasa research station.

Antarctica, 5 January 2023

All significant aspects of the garage are complete. Feels very good! Now we can sleep well even if there is a storm. We still have some work to do. Externally, new guy lines are needed, and internally we must assemble workbenches, shelves, lighting, electricity and more.

The weather is still good, and we are now starting to plan for the trip to Svea with the fuel depot. We'll have time to fix what's left in the garage later.


Antarctica, 9 January 2023

Last Saturday we went to our new weather station. We changed the memory card and updated the software in the logger. The software update caused the snow depth sensor to "jump" into action.

Then we troubleshot the wiring as one of the sensors showed strange values. After a while, I found a cable that needed a better connection. After it was connected correctly, the values were good. Data appears to have trickled in during the year. I'm taking the memory card home.

After the work in the logger cabinet was finished, we dug up the mast, anchor lines and the 100-kilo battery box and raised everything to its original height. That meant pits of about 2 meters, so much shovelling!

On the way back, we dug up Ian Brown's* reflector near the fossil ridge and took it home. It was almost completely buried, only ten centimetres was visible, and was solidly frozen in ice, so it was (also) a tough job.

We were back at Wasa at 10 pm. It was a long, tough day but extremely rewarding. The weather station now works as intended and is at the right height!

Greetings from Ola and the team!

* Participant at DML 2021/22.

Publishing date: 09 Jan 2023