Back in Cape Town

The flight that took us to the Norwegian station Troll where, after a few hours of sleep in a tent, we changed to a larger plane for the journey to Cape Town. Photo: Ola Eriksson.

Cape Town, 30 January 2023

The expedition is over and we are back in Cape Town.

Thanks to luck with the weather and good planning, we managed to achieve what we had planned during the relatively short expedition (just under six weeks).

We built our garage, and drove out a fuel depot to the other Swedish station "Svea". We also dug up our weather station and reinstalled it at the correct snow depth.

In addition, the sauna at Wasa was rebuilt to accommodate more people and the sauna unit was also replaced. A new TV was installed to be able to watch movies in the evenings and also be used as a large computer screen when reviewing routes, planning and other things.

We have also installed a new satellite connection.

I must say that everything has flowed very well. Good group and good planning.

I am very satisfied with this year's expedition!

Text: Ola Eriksson, expedition leader

Publishing date: 30 Jan 2023