The team is complete

Text by: Karna Johansson, expedition doctor

Now, we have finally welcomed the rest of the team to Wasa. The researchers Arjen, Martim and Jane arrived after some delays with a Basler in company with the expedition leader Håkan, the technician Peter, and the slightly smaller Finnish delegation. We who opened the station met them at the runway with tracked vehicles and hugs. Even though they landed late and were tired, the evening was long - something that easily happens when plans are made, the sun never sets, and Lindas has made welcome snacks.

Four people lean over a map
Plans immediately begin to shape under the midnight sun. From the left are research leader Arjen Stroeven, the technician and guide Andreas Bergström, deputy expedition leader Ola Eriksson and researcher Martim Mas e Braga. Photographer: Karna Johansson

Publishing date: 19 Dec 2023