Research blog: Johan Casselgren, day 1-4

A person with ski goggles and hood over his head
Johan Casselgren, Associate Professor at Luleå University of Technology, participates in DML 2021/22.

Day 1-2

After two weeks in quarantine, we have finally landed in Antarctica. Depending on the weather, we will have to wait a few days before a short flight to the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat's station Wasa.

When we come out of the darkness of the big transport aircraft, I see a fantastic light that is just as strong regardless of the time of day. The wind is icy but still acceptable, and it strikes me what a special place on earth we have come to.

Day 3

While waiting to get to Wasa, we take the opportunity to dig a pit to test different sensors. Above all, we want to test whether the snow in Antarctica differs from the snow in Nordic countries. Even though it is cold, digging in the snow keeps one's warm.

The researchers dig a pit in the snow to test instruments
The researchers dig a pit in the snow to test instruments. Photo: Johan Casselgren

Day 4

Finally, we are here. There is a lot to do, and we must start up heating, ventilation, refrigerators, stoves and freezers. Also, water needs to be fetched from the ice below the station.

The Wasa research station is a red wooden building
The Research Station Wasa in Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica. Photo: Johan Casselgren
View from the Wasa research station: snow, bare ground, storage containers, blue sky and sunshine
View from Wasa. Photo: Johan Casselgren