Persistent storm in Antarctica

Antarctica, December 20, 2021

Text: Ola Eriksson, Expedition leader

A week has passed. It has been a persistent storm with winds between 15-50 m/s. On days when it was less windy, we could spend shorter periods outdoors. Then we took the opportunity to visit the food container, refuel the generator and empty the toilet.

Hope the weather gets better soon.

Greetings from Ola and the team at Wasa.

Three people in the station area. They have a hard time withstanding the wind.
Johan Casselgren, Annika Kristoffersson and Dick Johansson have just visited the food container. Photo: Ola Eriksson
Snowmobile cover.
The old snowmobile cover could not handle winds of 50 m/s. Photo: Ola Eriksson
A person walks with his back to the camera back to the station.
Dick Johansson on his way back to the station. Photo: Ola Eriksson