Oden has reached the North Pole for the tenth time!

Participants in Synoptic Arctic Survey 2021 at the North Pole. Photo: Hans-Jørgen Hansen

After a long day of sampling, both on the ice and from the deck, we finally arrived at the North Pole, yesterday the 16th of August at 20:46 UTC.

On the bridge, Captain Mattias welcomed us to the North Pole with great cheers. Then Oden was moored by the ice and the passageway was laid out. Polar bear guard Sven went out first, closely followed by the captain.

Then everyone gathered on the ice for mingling, group photography and dancing. Led by Sonja Murto, 14 pairs performed a Lindy Hop show, accompanied by Christien on mandolin and Marcus on saxophone.

We had a very nice time on the ice and even the sun showed up. The celebration continued with sausage grilling before we continued our journey, now south.

Text: Maria Samuelson, expedition coordinator

Publishing date: 17 Aug 2021