Oden anchors to the ice

Crew is lifted down on the ice to prepare for anchoring of Oden. Photo: Maria Samuelsson

Arctic Ocean, 10 August (N88 ° 01, E29 ° 17)

Tuesday morning and Oden is anchoring to the ice during her journey to the North Pole. The ice is getting stronger and stronger. Today the sun shines together with fog and varying clouds. The temperature is around zero, but it gets colder out on the ice. Three different research teams will go out on the ice today to collect ice cores, water and snow. Onboard Oden, there will be activities on deck all day with CTD profiles and net sampling. We aim to reach the North Pole on Saturday, but it depends on the ice situation and weather.

Text by: Maria Samuelsson, expedition coordinator

Preparations for anchoring Oden. Photo: Maria Samuelsson
Preparations for calibrating the acoustic instrument WBAT. Photo: Maria Samuelsson
Emma Svahn and Nicole Hildebrandt examine today's zooplankton capture with the multi net. Photo: Anna Stiby
The researchers return to Oden after a day on the ice. Photo: Maria Samuelsson

Publishing date: 10 Aug 2021