Icebreaker Oden in the Arctic Ocean. Photo: Martn Jakobsson

GEOEO 2024

In August – September 2024, the GEOEO-expedition with I/B Oden will go to Northern Greenland and the adjacent Arctic Ocean, including the Lincoln Sea.

GEOEO addresses scientific questions focused on providing new knowledge on the marine cryosphere’s dynamic history and response to future climate change, including implications for marine and terrestrial ecosystems in North Greenland and the adjacent Arctic Ocean and the North Greenland Ice Sheet’s contribution to global sea-level rise.

Welcome to the GEOEO Open Science Session and Workshop 9‒10 October 2023

The North of Greenland 2024 expedition will take place August-September 2024 with the icebreaker Oden.

Expedition facts

August-September 2024

Area: Northern Greenland and the adjacent Arctic Ocean

Research vessel: Icebreaker Oden

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The expedition planning is ongoing. Find more information here.